Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Update: GPSBabel 1.4.3 beta erschienen

Bereits vor 2 Wochen ist eine neue Beta-Version von GPSBabel erschienen, die einige Neuerungen bringt:

  • Fix translations for GUI on Windows. German, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, and a few others should now work.
  • A new writer for geocaches in KML (Google Earth) provide better visualizations of high-density areas.
  • Many KML improvements including validation fixes, aviations units, fixes for min/max alt.
  • Adds iblue757 GPS support.
  • Add support for Holux M-1200E GPS.
  • Add the Minihomer variant of Skytraq.
  • Add FlySight GPS support.
  • Add Garmin FIT support.
  • Add Land Air Sea format for GPS Tracking Key Pro.
  • Many Navicache improvements.
  • Fixes to track filter to not mangle tracks recorded at low speed when segement filter is applied.
Online kann man GPSBabel auf nutzen.

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